Top 10 Movie Heroines

Top Ten Kid Movie Heroines 

little-mermaid-disney10.           Arielle from The Little Mermaid – She flouts daddy/sea-god’s orders, makes a dangerous pact with a gigantic witch/octopus, and ventures to the surface in win her man.  Big points for bravery, curiosity and tenacity.  Points off for shallowness (she falls in love with Prince Eric based purely on his dreamy looks).

Shrek-Forever-After-Fiona9.           Fiona from ShrekShe does kung fu fighting, makes birds explode with her singing voice, defies her royal parents to marry an ogre, and – – in a parallel universe where Shrek never showed up – – leads a rebellion.  Plus, she’s a mom to three little ogres!  Big points for bravery, lack of superficiality, charm and tenacity.

belle8.           Belle from Beauty & the BeastShe reads in a town of dullards, sacrifices herself to save her daddy, and stands up to the beast.  Big points for smarts, lack of superficiality (although, let’s face it, it didn’t hurt that the beast had a castle and dumped the fur before they got married), and bravery.

Hermione7.           Hermione from Harry Potter – She’s brilliant and the hardest worker at Hogwarts.  She always stands up for what she believes in (e.g., rights for house elves), and she risks her life over and over for her friends.  Big points for smarts, tenacity, hard work, grit and bravery.

sergeant6.           Sergeant Calhoun from Wreck-It RalphShe’s the badass sergeant leading a platoon of male soldiers against killer aliens, and Jane Lynch provides her voice.  Enough said.

BRAVE5.           Merida from BraveShe’s a terrific horsewoman and archer.  Plus, she’s a nonconformist.  Big points for grit, determination, out-of-box thinking, and – – yes, I can be shallow too – – gorgeous hair.  A few points off for being too whiny and self-involved.


4.           Elastigirl/Mom from The IncrediblesShe’s a formidable superhero, mom and wife.  She’s quick on her feet, more flexible than a rubber band, and always looks out for her young.  Look at the scene where she breaks into Syndrome’s compound – – enough said.

Tiana3.           Tiana from Princess & the Frog With no super powers or royal title to help her along, Tiana works her tail off to fulfill her dream of owning a grand restaurant.  She duels racism, peer pressure (everyone else wants her to slow down), and exhaustion.

mulan2.           Mulan from MulanUnable to make it as a delicate, dutiful bride, Mulan poses as a soldier in the Chinese army to save her dear, old dad.  Along the way, she saves all of China.  Not bad.

Ginger1.           Ginger from Chicken Run – Okay, I’ll admit it: Ginger is a girl, but a girl chicken.  Still, she’s the best female character out there.  Relying on her wits and determination, Ginger sets out to rescue herself and every single chicken on Tweedy’s Farm.  The most tenacious chick out there (literally), she persists despite punishments by the farmer, the mellowing power of romance, and the pessimism of her fellow hens.

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